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Lich King 25 Down

Gratz to all! Let's rock Cataclysm.
Frostwolves (16): Ankier, Bhsflux, Bionaire, Chicharito, Direna, Exido, Hilomilo, Hyuganus, Jyuri, Reader, Rurippe, Selaphiel, Sxtashi (Main: Sztashi) Taurtank, Tinarin, Tæyeon
Harmony (7):  Clairvoyance, Devoust, Eiah, Libertis, Nitrinea, Soliinari, Xyline
Others (2): Ayupan (Articulus), Taurdruid (Progression)

Glory of the Icecrown Raider

Excellent Effort by the team: Ankier, Bionare, Bhsflux, Direna, Exido, Jyuri, Ludde, Selaphiel, Taurtank and Tinarin

This is the home of Frostwolves
(Barthilas) - We fight for glory and we fight for riches, but our greatest treasure is the kinship and honor amongst us.

Frostwolves is our guild, let enemies fall swiftly before our might!

Raid Time:
Wed & Sun Nights
12:00am - 3am Server Time (US-Barthilas) (1am to 4am Server Time during Daylight Savings)

We welcome exceptional players looking for a friendly group that does some serious raiding.

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